It’s not often that reigning champions maintain their elite status in back-to-back years, but DWG KIA is here to defend their title as one of the best teams in the world. Mid laner Heo “Showmaker” Su remains the lifeblood of the team, putting together star performance after star performance in the League of Legends Championship Korea (LCK). 

DWG KIA is still one of the scariest teams in the world when it comes to raw teamfighting, but more decisive LPL teams will surely give them trouble in this tournament.

EDward Gaming

EDward Gaming managed to upset FunPlus Phoenix in the LPL summer final last month to stand atop the world’s most competitive region, but there is still more work to be done. Lee “Scout” Ye-Chan’s ability to match Doinb in the mid lane was key to EDward Gaming’s win, but a more aggressive bot lane-focused team might give them more trouble.

EDward Gaming knows how to position around neutral objectives and has the teamfighting skill to back it up. Sometimes, that’s all you need to win an international event.

Best league of legends team of all time


Holding four consecutive Worlds titles, T1 seemingly refuses the idea of failure. Their opponents are constantly on their toes because the smallest misstep can lead to T1 taking over the game, and when that happens, they never let go until they reach the enemy Nexus. Every LOL Worlds betting guide will mention this team among the ones to consider when betting on the outright winners.

A core to the team’s success is T1’s ability to keep the greatest player in the world, Faker, for so long. The man is a competitive titan, and his combination of razor-sharp mechanics and acute game sense turned the tide of countless battles. Granted, T1 has been on a downswing in recent years. For major tournaments or an LCK split, anyone that’s into LOL team power rankings knows not to count out T1.

Top league of legends teams

The list of 10 top league of legends teams in the world ranking:

Top LOL teams worth mentioning

FunPlus Phoenix

Only two years old, FunPlus was the undisputed top team in 2019, completely dominating their opponents in that year’s League of Legends World Championships. FPX defeated Fnatic and Invictus Gaming in the quarterfinals and semi-finals respectively, going 3-1 in both Bo5 sets. Ultimately, they completely rolled G2 Esports in the final match, taking them down undefeated. Despite this, their journey was an unexpected one. Placing 7th-8th in the LPL 2019 Summer Playoffs, nothing much was expected of the team. However, with the addition of Tian and Doinb, the team immediately pronounced results, ending first in the LPL 2019 Spring Split.

They later cemented their position as the LPL’s top team, placing first in the LPL Summer Split and Summer Playoffs. Since winning the most important trophy in League of Legends, FunPlus Phoenix struggled to replicate that level of play and was plagued by consistency issues. By climbing to the highest position in the world in 2019 they earned our respect. The main favorites this year, they get the lowest LOL worlds betting odds.

Royal Never Give Up

Royal Never Give Up (RNG) may as well be cursed. This is a team that consistently stands at the top of most League of Legends team rankings, and yet, it’s only in 2018 that RNG won their first LPL title. But what they lack in domestic success, RNG makes up through stellar international showings. Whether it’s IEM, MSI, or even Worlds, you can bet on RNG to make a deep run and challenge top League of Legends teams in the process. 2018 was their most impressive year to date, as Royal Never Give Up won 5 out of 6 competitions they’ve attended.

To cement its position as the best LOL team in China, they need to do more on the domestic front. For the time being, they are well positioned to impress again at Worlds 2021. The driving force behind their success was their superstar AD carry, Uzi. Another thing to note is that RNG never misses an opportunity to upgrade their roster. At different points in time, they’ve fielded top-tier players like inSec, Mata, NaMei, and Xiaohu. This combination of ambition and smart talent management makes Royal Never Give Up a candidate for the title of best League of Legends team.

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