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Gambit Esports is a Russian esports organization that has achieved great results in CS:GO and other popular esports titles. Best team valorant after its release. In late 2020 they formed their Valorant team and slowly started making their way to the top of the CIS region.

They are the CIS Stage 1 Masters and have also won several other Valorant Champions Tour events in their region. What put them on the map was their recent success in the EMEA Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs where they won 1st place and secured a spot in VCT Stage 3 Masters in Berlin, and then followed that by winning the final Masters event in Berlin.


When Sentinels won Masters: Reykjavík 2021, it was the culmination of an impressive run of success by the North American team. Sentinels were a strong team since forming in the spring of 2020 and finished the year as semifinalists at First Strike: North America. 

Then, they won Stage 1 Masters for the North America region in early 2021. They followed that up by becoming the first international champions in Reykjavík and locked up the best player in VALORANT, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, who was previously on loan from Cloud9. They qualified for Masters: Berlin and Champions too, but their performance declined as the year wore on. Sentinels might have been the best team in VALORANT’s early history, but other teams have since surpassed them.

Valorant world rank

Top 10 best valorant teams at the present moment:

Top valorant teams that are worth mentioning


Acend came seemingly out of nowhere in late March of 2021 and immediately won the European Stage 1 Masters. The former Raise Your Edge Gaming lineup became the new Acend, and together they quickly started dominating the European region.

What’s quite fascinating is the fact that this squad managed to do so much in such a short period. Later on, they began their ascent in the EMEA region and ended their season by becoming the first World Champions after winning Valorant Champions in December of 2021.

They’re still the best Valorant team around and boast some of the best Valorant players.

100 Thieves

The First Strike – North America champions are one of the best Valorant teams in North America. They have an incredible lineup led by Hiko, who is also one of the most popular Valorant streamers. Asuna alone is a monster carry, while Hiko is an experienced Sova main who helps set up plays for his team.

Despite being an incredibly strong team, 100 Thieves have been living in the shadow of Sentinels, unable to surpass them for three consecutive stages of the Valorant Champions Tour in NA.

They still occupy a high spot in the Valorant team rankings 2022 despite relatively poor early performance in VCT 2022. However, they have the potential to be the best squad in the world and should not be underestimated.

The best team in valorant in 2022

OpTic Gaming (the team formerly known as Envy before the two organizations merged). OpTic won an international title and finished second at another international event. Ironically, OpTic finished second to Gambit at Masters: Berlin. After a disappointing performance at Champions, they continued the North American tradition of winning Masters: Reykjavík. With Masters: Copenhagen qualifiers ongoing, OpTic looks poised to continue their success at the next international VALORANT tournament.

At a present moment:

OpTic Gaming is the best team valorant in the world

  • OpTic Gaming Valorant team has played 29 matches in 2022. archive has information about 29 Valorant games with the team. OpTic Gaming overall win rate is 69%.
  • 5 matches have been played with the victory of OpTic Gaming from 9 games in a total of last month. The win rate of the team over the last 30 days is 56%, which is 19% worse than OpTic Gaming all-time win rate.
  • In previous matches OpTic Gaming: lost to FunPlus Phoenix, lost to Paper Rex, won against DRX, won against XSET, and won against KRÜ Esports.
  • The last match with a 1:3 score was 4 days ago when OpTic Gaming lost to FunPlus Phoenix.
  • Last OpTic Gaming tournament with a win. On 24.07.2022 the team took 3rd place in the Valorant Champions Tour 2022 Copenhagen Stage 2 Masters Valorant tournament with a total prize pool of $650000.

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