Valorant is a multiplayer 3D first-person shooter developed by Riot Games in 2020. This game has gained wide popularity in North America and Asia. In 2022, between 740,000 and 840,000 people are playing Valorant simultaneously, which is not that far from the last number of players in CS:GO. It is now the second most popular shooter game in the world. So how do you play Valorant?

An in-game match is played with two teams in 5vs5 mode. There are two sides – attack and defense. Before the game starts, each player should pick Agent. Each agent has different skills, abilities, and roles (Duelist, Initiator, Sentinel, and Controllers). Match lasts 24 rounds. After 12 rounds, teams swap their sides. The team that wins the 13-round win the match.

How to start playing Valorant? Downloading and installation

In this section, you will find information on how to start playing Valorant and how to download it.

First of all, you must sign up on the Riot Games official page. Scroll down and press on the icon of the Valorant, and the site will offer you to download the Riot Client. Then sign in to the client using the login and password that you used before (on Riot Games official page).

After that find Valorant in the game-list click on it, and press the download button. A few minutes and the game is ready to play!

how to play Valorant for beginners

As in any shooter, you will have to spend more than one hour to master it. It is best to start with the settings. Click on the gear in the upper right corner. Settings should start with graphics, and reduce its quality if the characteristics of your computer are weak. Adjust the sight and sensitivity of the mouse for yourself, but we recommend doing it at the training shooting range. 

As for the agents and their abilities, study them as the game progresses, and find a character you like. We recommend starting with Sage. This agent of the Sentinel-class is quite easy to master. Among her abilities, she has an Ice Wall that can block the passage of opponents. Ice Spheres that when hit on the ground forms a field that slows down the movement of Agents. Heal that can be used both on allies and on yourself. And the super-skill Rebirth that reincarnates a killed ally. The best way to learn this game is to practice. So don’t delay and go into battle!

How do you play Valorant? Correction of mistakes

Have you ever wondered: “how can I play Valorant better?” if yes, this section is for you.

To improve your results in the game you should know several important points.

  1. Warm up before the match

If you start the game without warming up, you will lose some points to players who are already playing the second match in a row. Equalize your chances!

  1. Concentrate your game playing on the same Agent

Hone your game on some agent to perfection. This will make you a nasty opponent for your enemies and greatly increase your win rate.

  1. Correct daily routine

Your physical well-being directly affects your performance. After a couple of hours of sleep, your reaction noticeably deteriorates. 

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