Mobile Legends (ML)is a popular MOBA genre game with a big list of talented players. In this article, you will find information about the best Mobile Legends players in the world and a ranking list with additional information.


Luminaire is currently probably the player that has had the most impact on EVOS’ good

performance. He is a very consistent EVOS midlaner. Unfortunately, it is very likely that

Luminaire will retire by closing his career with the MPL ID season 7 trophy and MVP playoffs.

Luminaire is a veteran player in the pro Mobile Legends scene. He has a very high level of

experience and can make a high impact. Luminaire’s hero pool is also quite varied making it difficult to counter on drafts.


This Baby Tiger came to EVOS Legends and immediately stole a lot of attention. It didn’t take long for Ferxiic to prove his strength and become EVOS’ mainstay carry.

There are two advantages of the Best Player in Mobile Legends (ML) from Ferxiic, the first in

terms of mechanics and the second he plays with EVOS. With EVOS Ferxiic’s potential is always at the top and this helps him a lot.

Best Mobile Legends players and their achievements


Kiel “OHEB” Soriano is the gold laner of Blacklist International. He only began his pro-career during MPL PH Season 7. However, his current performances made him a key player of the team, granting them a wonderful run during the M3 World Championship.

OHEB stirred some controversy when he was suspended with a fine during MPL-PH Season Due to his unprofessional conduct, he was banned from two matches along with a penalty of $500. But just like every king, he rose from the mud. He continues to gain some fans up to this date because of his skills on the gold lane, especially with his unforgettable maniac during the recent M3. No surprise there on why he was named The Filipino Sniper and the M3 World Championship Grand Finals MVP!

His best heroes are Beatrix, Harith, and Lunox.

Major Tournament Achievements: 

  • 2021 M3 World Championship – 1st place ($300,000)
  • ONE Esports MPL Invitational 2021 – 2nd place ($18,000)
  • MPL Philippines Season 8 – 1st place ($45,200)
  • MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2021 – 2nd place ($30,000)
  • MPL Philippines Season 7 – 1st place ($31,400)


What time is it? It’s RRQ time! Meet the ‘Baby Alien’ of RRQ Roshi. This 17-year-old gamer has a 100% Ling win rate during seasons 7 and 8 of MPL Indonesia! What. A. Beast.

Not only that, he belongs to the line-up of players who immediately won an MPL title after being promoted to the main roster. Albert Iskandar had his humble beginnings too. He used to be the jungler of RRQ Sena until the main RRQ Hoshi discovered him. Since 2020, he has been consistent in maintaining the dominance of the team both on the domestic and international stage.

Alberttt is famous for his assassin heroes such as Lancelot and Ling. This just shows how quick he is when it comes to predictions and anticipation.

Major Tournament Achievements: 

  • ONE Esports MPL Invitational 2021 – 1st place ($9,000) 
  • MPL Indonesia Season 8 – 2nd place ($67,200)
  • MPL Indonesia Season 7 – 5th – 6th place 
  • 2021 M2 World Championship – 3rd place ($28,000)
  • MPL Indonesia Season 6 – 1st place ($180,000)

Top ml players due to world’s ranking

The strongest ml player

Karl Gabriel “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno

MVP M2 and the spearhead of Bren Esports deserves to be included in the list of the best

players, of course. Karltzy is proving that he’s still not dull and has even recently been playing unorthodox and delivering endless surprises.

Karltzy even had time to play Alpha jungle which might be considered trolling. But not for Bren who is very strong and able to compete highly with other strong PH teams.


  • M2 World Championship – 1st place
  • MPL Philippines Season 6 – 1st place
  • MPL Philippines Season 5 – 3rd place
  • MPL Philippines Season 4 – 3rd place
  • MPL Philippines Season 2 – 3rd place

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